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Bleached EP
Album cover Design / 2d Animation / Client work
Role: Designer
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Media Encoder
Team: Jarin Moriguchi, Nathan Sarsona
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Designed covers and lyric videos for Beijing-based pop artist, Mika's, 2023 EP release.

Mika and his team wanted to achieve a dream-like state with the visuals for his new EP, "Bleached." The starting directions were a) highly energetic typographic treatments and b) more subtle, photography-forward approaches.

After rounds of iteration, we settled on a more subtle typographic approach that emulated the sound and feel of each track.
Our solution was to use the cinematic photography to reference movie posters and love letters which emulate the motivations behind each song. The typography supports the image treatment to create poetic balance in the EP visuals.

These elements were then used in the creation of animated lyric videos, with each video elaborating on the design that was created for each track.

I hired Nathan Sarsona to freelance on this project to assist with the creation of 3D assets under my direction.